Meet Combo Nuvo

Combo Nuvo was created to explore the diverse experiences of musicians who have traveled across the globe, bringing their influences back home to Greenwich Village where they work and play. The brainchild of Dave Schroeder and Rich Shemaria, their premise was simple; let’s combine our favorite music with our favorite musicians and see what happens. 

In addition, they brought unique instruments from around the world into the group, finding new ways to write and arrange for them.  Playing in tiny bistros and coffee houses around the Village during the late 90’s, the group began to find their sound.  Their unique blend was created using instruments like the chromatic harmonica & blues harp, acoustic guitar, cello, Middle Eastern percussion, piano & synthesizers, jaw harp, penny whistle, flutes, clarinets and saxophones. 

By 2003, Schroeder accepted the position as Director of Jazz Studies at NYU Steinhardt and appointed Combo Nuvo the NYU Jazz Artist-in-Residence Ensemble, giving the group a forum to showcase their talents on an international level.  From their humble beginnings, Combo Nuvo has moved on to perform at iconic venues like the Blue Note Jazz Club, Birdland and Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola in New York City. 

Around the globe they’ve appeared with international orchestras such as the Costa Rica Sinfonica Nacional, Peru National Symphony (Lima), the United Arab Emirates Philharmonic in Abu Dhabi, the i Solisti dell Orchestra del Teatro Verdi (Florence, Italy) and the Morin Khuur Ensemble; the National Symphony of Mongolia.  In 2010, Combo Nuvo performed before 100,000 people (broadcast to over a billion) at the 60th Gala Celebration for East China Normal University in Shanghai, China.

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